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This exclusive, innovative cosmetic line, based on 100% natural Donkey's Milk, is especially good for the advanced skin care of adults and infants with sensitive skin.  The extraordinary dermatological benefits of  donkey milk render this cream extremely effective against dry skin and wrinkles: it’s a natural tensor, able to prevent skin from aging while aids on its regeneration.   It is the perfect facial moisturizer and a first grade anti ageing product.

Biochemical analysis of donkey milk enables us to determine its precise role in skin care. Donkey's milk contains an incredible amount of fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D and E, minerals and high proteins that help skin feel smooth and silky.

It is not easy to produce high quality cosmetics with this prized ingredient: donkeys have a very small reserve of milk. In addition, no all donkeys are capable of producing high quality milk. That is the main reason why you do not find massive quantities of donkey milk cosmetics in the market.  Traditional laboratories find its elaboration too expensive to produce a "marketable" line. At present time, there are only three countries in the entire world that rise Jennets donkeys exclusively for the cosmetic industry: Chile, Belgium and France.

Andean Wares Wholesale is proud to introduce this extraordinary cosmetic cream to our worldwide customers: Cleopatra Cleopatra Donkey's Milk Night and Day Face Cream. Produced in Chile by Donkey's Milk Farm following the highest standards, this cream contains 100% natural donkey's milk.


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  • Cleopatra Donkey Milk Hand Cream,18 jars.
    Our price $382.75
    RRP: $548.25
  • Cleopatra Donkey's Milk Facial Cream: 18 Jars Case
    Our price $424.60
    RRP: $692.00
  • Cleopatra Donkey's Milk Facial Cream: 48 Jars Case
    Our price $968.00
    RRP: $1519.00
  • Donkey Milk Nutritive Soap, 100 Bars Case
    Our price $750.00
    RRP: $1120.00
  • Natural Viagra Substitute - Vigorlac Plus: Case of 25 Bottles
    Our price $392.50
    RRP: $675.00
  • Vigorlac - 100% Donkey Milk Nutritional Supplements: Case of 25 Bottles
    Our price $372.50
    RRP: $549.75
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