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Elicina cream is a nature wonder that beautifies and regenerates the skin. It is successful in treating skin that has traces of acne scars, stretch marks, skin burns, wrinkles and age spots. Elicina actively gets rid of acne, keloids, keratosis pilaris, psoriasis scales, actinic keratosis crusty scales & skin blemishes.

Elicina also reduces acne rosacea redness and heals razor bumps and shaving burns. It prevents acne breakouts, scarring and ingrown hairs while triggering the replacement of damaged skin cells and promoting the regeneration of healthy collagen and elastin deep within your skin.

What is Elicina's secret? It lies on its “patented snail secretion component”, which is nothing else than slime from the Chilean earth snail, Helix Aspersa Muller.  Elicina contains an outstanding 80% snail serum content, with only 20% excipients (additional ingredients), necessary to produce a stable cream that will not degrade with temperature or light changes.

Elicina was launched on to the South American cosmetic market in 1995. Customer reception to Elicina cream was unprecedented. Even with very little publicity efforts, Elicina's popularity grew by leaps and bounds, based solely on the results users achieved.

Event though the market has many other skin care creams based on snail slime (baba de caracol), Elicina’s reputation and effectiveness remain as good as ever.  Make no mistake:  this humble cream jar will become one of your best-sellers!


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